What kind of migration governance for a post-pandemic world?

We are pleased to announce that the webinar, jointly organized by Scalabrini Migration Center of the Philippines and The Anthropological Institute of Hiroshima (TAIHI) ,  will be held from 10 am (JST) to 11:30 am on 27th April, 2023. Our invited speaker, Prof. Anna Triandafyllidou, Toronto Metropolitan University, will deliver a special lecture addressing the broad question, “What migration governance in a post-pandemic world?”

You may register for the event through this link: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAocO2vpzosHtdsI6S9P_sOGvenLFk_LYTx

About the special lecture :

This presentation discusses the contradictions and tensions in the governance of international migration that the pandemic has exposed as well as how we go forward in a polarising, post-pandemic world. I will start by defining the pandemic emergency as a wicked problem as it brought the world to a standstill leaving temporary migrants stranded at destination or trapped at origin, while in some cases governments were struggling to ‘import’ labour migration to sustain production and service levels in the agri-food or care sector. Even though wicked problems usually do not have solutions, I will argue that building resilience and sustainability in migration governance at both the national and transnational level are important as we go forward. My presentation will further reflect on what resilience and sustainability look like in the current post-pandemic global context which is characterised by economic and geopolitical polarisation. While we witness rising inflation, rising labour market shortages in many countries, increasing poverty and need including food insecurity in others, major destination countries seem to be even more determined to regulate migration and asylum more tightly than before, filtering between different types of migrants and asylum seekers, having quickly forgotten the pandemic lessons. The presentation will conclude with some thoughts as to how a resilient and sustainable migration governance system responds to the global competition for migrant talent or simply for migrant workers.

About the speaker:

Prof. Anna Triandafyllidou holds the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration, at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). Prior to joining Toronto Metropolitan University in August 2019, she held a Robert Schuman Chair at the Global Governance Programme, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, European University Institute, Florence, Italy. She is Editor of the Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies. A sociologist by training, her research interests include the broader area of migration and asylum governance, as well as national identity and cultural and religious diversity in comparative perspective. In 2021, the University of Liège awarded her a doctorate honoris causa in recognition of her contribution to migration scholarship. Her recent authored books include What is Europe (with R. Gropas, 2nd edition, Routledge, 2022); and Rethinking Migration and Return in Southeastern Europe (with E. Gemi, Routledge, 2021). Her recent journal articles have appeared in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (2022), Environment and Planning A:  Economy and Society (2022), Ethnicities (2022), Comparative Migration Studies (2021, 2022),  International Migration (2021) and Nations and Nationalism (2020).