Shiho Satsuka Lecture on Matsutake Worlds

広島文化人類学プロジェクト研究センター(TAIHI)では来る4月22日(土)、トロント大学の佐塚志保さんを囲んで研究会を開催します。佐塚さんは、カナダの「自然」を翻訳する日本人ガイドの主体化実践に焦点を合わせたNature in Translation (Duke University Press, 2015)などの著書を持つ気鋭の人類学者ですが、近年ではアナ・ツィンらの「マツタケの世界研究グループ」のメンバーとして、里山の荒廃によりマツタケの国内生産が低迷する日本を中心にマルチサイティッドなフィールドワークを行なっています。今回の会では、アナ・ツィン、 マイケル・ハサウェイに続いて佐塚さんが出版予定のThe Charisma of Mushrooms: Undoing the Long Twentieth Century(マツタケ三部作最終作)について、その構想をざっくばらんに語っていただきます。「翻訳」をめぐる幅広い人文学・STS理論に目配りし、またマルチスピーシーズ民族誌など欧米を中心に発展してきた理論と木村敏など日本の思想家の仕事の「翻訳」にもとづく、佐塚さん独自の「マツタケ世界」を深く知る機会としたいと思います。

The Anthropological Institute of Hiroshima (TAIHI) is pleased to announce a lecture by Dr. Shiho Satsuka on Matsutake Worlds. Having a monograph, Nature in Translation (Duke University Press, 2015), and being a member of Matsutake Worlds Research Group organized by Anna Tsing, Satsuka has engaged with the multi-sited fieldwork centering on Japan, where Matsutake production slumped due to the devastation of satoyama. In the lecture, Satsuka will talk about the plan of her new monograph, The Charisma of Mushrooms: Undoing the Long Twentieth Century, and the possibility of translating “Western” theories of multi-sited ethnography and Japanese philosophers’ works.
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会場:広島大学東千田キャンパス・未来創生センター2階 M204およびオンライン(Zoomを使用)
* 会場の東千田キャンパスは広島市内にあります。大学本部のある東広島キャンパスではありませんのでご注意ください。

Date: April 22, 2023, 1600-1800 JST
Venue: Hiroshima University Higashi-Senda Innovative Research Center (2nd Floor, Room M204) and online (Zoom).
* Please note that the venue is located on the Higashi-Senda campus in Hiroshima city, not on the university’s main campus in Higashi-Hiroshima.

16:00-17:00 Lecture by Dr. Shiho Satsuka “The Charisma of Mushrooms: Adventures in Entangled Life”
17:00-18:00 Comments followed by open discussion

Goro Yamazaki (Osaka University)
Maki Kitagawa (University of Tokyo)

Moe Nakazora (Hiroshima University)

講演要旨/Lecture Abstract:
This book project traces how the charisma of mushrooms stimulates people to engage with interspecies entanglements, dissolve the twentieth-century style state-science-industrial complex, and explore the possibility and politics of co-habitation of various human and nonhuman beings on the earth. In particular, the project follows scientists and farmers who are struggling to find a way to communicate with fungi, citizens committed to satoyama forest revitalization movements, and those cultivating imaginations of forest life in Finland and Bhutan. The project explores the politics of translation between various scientific and other forms of knowledge, as well as the emergence of “new commons.”

*講演者プロフィール/Lecturer Profile
Shiho Satsuka

The Anthropological Institute of Hiroshima (TAIHI)


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